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Public Statement on behalf of Mythic Grove Productions, LLC

Effectively immediately, Gabe Hicks has been removed as an owner of Mythic Grove. He is no longer involved in the company, nor with The Session Zero System in any way. The company and the game are now 100% owned by the original co-founder, Elise Rezendes. 


We have heard community concern about supporting The Session Zero System, given that Gabe was prominently connected to the project. We want to assure everyone of the following:


1.     Over the last two years, there have been roughly 70,000 words published during the creation of the Session Zero System. Elise wrote 65,000 of them. 


2.    On top of game design,  writing, and art direction, Elise spent over 2,500 hours molding the game into the form you see today, including all graphical work to layout the game, 6 months coordinating with manufacturing partners to get the game to print, managing fulfillment and shipping, running and maintaining the Kickstarter page, and planning, designing, organizing, and fabricating the ‘23 PAX Unplugged booth.


3.    From today, Gabe Hicks will receive no compensation from Mythic Grove or Elise’s work.


Now that ownership has been solidified,  the first order of business is to finalize and get any outstanding kickstarter fulfillments shipped for our incredible backers. Additionally, we will be working towards removing posts, assets, and other references to and by him over the next few weeks. Please bear with us as we close this chapter and move forward with our story. 


We recognize that Gabe’s acts have untold effects on our friends and supporters, and that there will be additional consequences of his actions that we can’t foresee right now. We support the victims, both those who have come forward and those who have not. 

      Elise Rezendes

      Owner and CEO

      Mythic Grove Productions, LLC.

      Dated March 30th, 2024

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